Yellow river piano concerto

According to pianist composer wash Xinghai "Yellow River Cantata" creative adaptation piano concerto works, produced in China a particular historical period, as the musical work of art that does not affect its due artistic value, he influenced generations of Chinese music.

After the development of broad band bright, deep repressed piano chords and brass sound blocking performance of the rivers and mountains of the motherland invaders trampling people in misery suffered untold misery.

Prelude "The Yellow River boatmen song" 2. Apart from changes in the orchestration, the main differences between the various editions have been what the editors have done with the anthems integrated in the finale.

Yet, even the Yellow River Cantata was Yellow river piano concerto from performance during the Cultural Revolution — ; the Central Philharmonic Orchestra was forbidden to perform any Western orchestral pieces and its professional musicians were left with nothing to do.

Piano arpeggios from the flash off waves, leads to strong and committed boatman chant, showing the boatman who unite with wind waves tenacious struggle, a symbol of the indomitable fighting spirit of the Chinese nation.

Ode to the Yellow River[ edit ] The original heroic tenor solo melody of the "Ode to the Yellow River" is sung in praise of the history and presence of the Yellow River, signifying the cultural pride of the Chinese.


Sonorous piano chords to play a song majestic ending portion, brass play the Anthem motive, symbolizing the awakening of the Chinese nation has been standing in the East. This edition aimed at furthering the energy and momentum of the music, and in this light, the rearrangement of the Yellow River Piano Concerto thirty years later is merely a continuation of that same practice.

After the piano cadenza phrase, a "Defend the Yellow River," the melodic theme. In the third movement, the piano brings out the melody taken from the "Ballad of the Yellow Rivers", originally a mellow number sung by female chorus.

Yellow River, Op.7 (Xian, Xinghai)

This broad Chinese recitative is supported by the deep and rich timbre of the celloand is considered as an example of the nationalistic style. At this time, there has been a melodious lyrical melody, as if the difficulties and obstacles in the struggle to see the dawn of victory, the music is more confident.

The first movement, "Yellow River boatman song": Mood music one after another, when "The East is Red" theme appears throughout the song reached its climax.

Yellow River Piano Concerto

With the continuous development of music, it introduced a piano cadenza depicts rapids surging Yellow River, the boatman who crossed the whitewater rapids.

The last band to reproduce the brilliant momentum ethnic style theme tone, which is the Yellow angry waves rolling, which is filled with grief and indignation of the Chinese nation. Orchestration[ edit ] The concerto is scored for a solo piano and orchestra of piccolodizi Chinese flute2 flutes2 oboes2 clarinets in B-flat2 bassoons4 horns2 trumpets3 trombonestimpanitrianglecymbals suspendedharppipa though not all editions of the score show thisand strings.

Finally, strong piano playing scratch, the reproduction of music in a fierce tone theme, the whole song back to the boatmen who wrestle with the stormy scenes tensions among.

Under such circumstances, the pianist Yin Chengzong loaded his piano onto a truck and drove it to Tiananmen Square to accompany revolutionary songs that were sung at the time.

After a strong chord back to the theme, the piano octave chords for the end. The Song of the Yellow River Boatman[ edit ] "The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen" describes the momentum of the terrifying waves of the Yellow River and uses the rapid chromatic crescendo and long rolls of the timpani and cymbals typical of the eight model plays model operas.

With the continuous development of the theme music, the music started depicting heroic war picture. The third movement, "Yellow anger. We then hear the "Lament at the Yellow River" taking over for this movement. The Wrath of the Yellow River[ edit ] "The Wrath of the Yellow River", originally sung by a soprano solo, begins with a dizi solo accompanied by the piano.Voices: soprano, tenor, baritone, narrator; mixed chorus (SATB) Orchestra: piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 English horns, 2 clarinets (B ♭) bass clarinet (B ♭), 2.

Download 54 free sheet music and scores:Yellow River Concerto, Sheet music, scores. As the Yellow River Piano Concerto is a new set work – and quite unusual in style and structure – this resource builds on Music Teacher’s April resource, offering more detailed analysis of the work.

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Download our mobile app now. The Yellow River Piano Concerto is a piano concerto arranged by a collaboration between musicians including Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, and based on. Check out Yellow River Piano Concerto: 1. Prelude: The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen by Yan Huichang, Bao Huiqiao China Central Ensemble of National Music on Amazon Music.

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Yellow river piano concerto
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