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Once John Coffey "inhales" the evil out of possessed-like Melinda Moores, he eventually transmits it to Percy Wetmore his unpure soul can probably relate to that of the pig.

Was this meant to symbolize that the Lord works The green mile symbolism mysterious ways? In the Bible, once Jesus exorcises the demons out of the possessed man, he fools them by proposing to possess the souls of pigs; but the possessed pigs go crazy and throw themselves from a cliff, thus expelling the demons with no more soul to possess.

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It seems like a lot of people misunderstood the meaning of this scene, wondering why the caring, Jesus-John Coffey would have consciously committed such a violent act of revenge and punishment. The guards soon notice that he spends most of his time silently crying in his cell, comparing his eyes to an injury that never heals and keeps bleeding.

How would things have been different? The first one is that of revealing The green mile symbolism real personality of the other characters. Less obvious in the filmed version, the references to Biblical facts are omnipresent in the book.

Beyond the religious conclusions, The Green Mile reveals a few philosophical points as well. As a Christ figure, John Coffey has the ability to bear the sins of others and take on their pain. Lastly, John Coffey tells the guards Book 5 that he can hear the cries of dead prisoners when walking into the execution room, thus highlighting again his supernatural sensitivity.

It was easy for the readers, and later for the audience of the movie, to automatically assume that The Green Mile was another one of these stories that denounce the death penalty, as well as the usual injustice applied against African Americans in the Deep South in the 30s. The events are told from the point of view of the chief guard, Paul Edgecomb, a cynical but fair man who shows more humanity and understanding than the average prison guard, and who will eventually doubt the culpability of John Coffey.

The Green Mile was first written as six episodes, each being published in This particular scene is directly followed by the one where John Coffey transmits the swarm of flies to guard Percy Wetmore and the latter, in a sudden fit of madness, shoots prisoner William Wharton.

The story focuses on the every day job of the guards in E block the death row of Cold Mountain and the arrival of John Coffey, an impressively tall, illiterate Black male, charged with the rape and murder of two little girls, and who soon shows supernatural healing powers.

Throughout the story, Stephen King introduces us to a complete gallery of characters who build the everyday life of the block and create a cloistered atmosphere between the prisoners and the guards.

Thanks to Eamon Graham for helping me put some pieces of the puzzle together! Ultra-violent, literally introduced as a "demon" by guard Paul Edgecomb, sly and manipulative, he is the one who actually raped and killed the two little girls, the crime that John Coffey is charged with.

Indeed, William "Wild Bill" Wharton is the personification of the devil. The other central character is a mouse named Mister Jingles who is "adopted" by prisoner Eduard Delacroix and who shows vivid intelligence as well as acrobatic skills.Get everything you need to know about The Green Mile in The Green Mile.

The Green Mile Symbols and Motifs

Analysis, related quotes, timeline. The movie "The Green Mile," contains a powerful statement against the use of the death penalty.

However, this statement is not one that can be seen or heard directly. Instead, it lies beneath the surface of a seemingly simple story, hidden by the clever use of /5(6).

Symbolism in Stephen King's The Green Mile. Learn about the different symbols such as John Coffey in The Green Mile and how they contribute to the plot of the book. Mr.

Jingles is the tiny mouse that joins the group on The Green Mile. At first the guards try to kill him, but then everyone becomes rather fond of the friendly little mouse.

. The Green Mile In physical descriptions of The Green Mile, the green linoleum corridor leads to two possible paths for an inmate—a left turn means that an inmate’s sentence was commuted to life in prison, while a right turn meant death by electrocution. What does the mouse symbolize? up vote 13 down vote favorite In the movie, The Green Mile, I knew instantly that the small, "magical" like mouse had some sort of symbolic meaning but I cannot for the life of me think of what that meaning could be.

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The green mile symbolism
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