Smelser essays in sociological explanation

Social Movement Theory: Value-Added Theory Research Paper Starter

This volume goes far in showing some of the intellectual and stylistic strengths that Neil passed on to his students. In contrast to the academic stables overflowing with one-trick ponies, whether of explanation, level of analysis, method, or a preferred focus on social order or social change, Neil Smelser has encouraged pluralism and, where possible, the integration of diverse intellectual perspectives.

It has been an age of centrifugal conceptual forces and centripetal methodological rigor.

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Rather, he was broadly supportive and encouraged us to follow our muse, guided by a quest for excellence and a willingness to work hard.

Teaching was a means of coming to better terms with the contradictions in the world and within the social thought that sought to comprehend that world. Smelser was its crown prince and its clear leader-in-waiting.

Neil has taught numerous students, chaired more than fifty Ph. He is a trained economist, but he has strenuously avoided economism, and he is a persistent student of economic life who has demonstrated how it is thoroughly imbedded in non-economic institutions Smelser a.

Value-Added Theory study guide and get instant access to the following: According to Knottnerusthe value-added theory asserts that determinants to collective behavior combine according to a predictable pattern. Inin his presidential address to the American Sociological Association, Smelser developed what has already become the most influential essay of his later career.

But none had the continuing impact of Neil Smelser. According to Lewisthe determinants of collective behavior, structural conduciveness, structural strain, growth of a generalized hostile belief, mobilization of participants for action and operation of social control, take into account a vast range of scenarios that may result in collective behavior such as social movements.

It provides an enormous amount of well organized information, and it goes far to explain the changes that occurred. His work was not only systematic, original, and erudite but also intellectually provocative and aggressive.

It was just such a commitment to the task of explanation, over and above the allegiance to any particular theory, that allowed Smelser not only to stay afloat but also to flourish after the functionalist ship sank.

What he could not do, however, was assure the continuing sovereignty of functionalist theory. Almost thirty-five years later, inhe was elected president of the American Sociological Association, in recognition not only of his lifetime achievement but also of the influence, both scientific and organizational, that he had wielded over those decades.

Smelser, Neil, and Dean Gerstein. He is a theorist of social structure who eschews any form of structural determinism Smelser c, Finally, while not lacking in argument or point of view, the articles, like Neil, are nondoctrinaire. University of California Press.

Essays in sociological explanation

Neil Smelser began his public life as a wunderkind.Sociologists use value-added theory to analyze the origins of social movements during periods of great social change.

Understanding the history, applications, and strengths and weaknesses of value-added theory is vital background for all those interested in the sociology of collective identity and social movements.

Neil Smelser [] Texts by Smelser. Smelser Live. [] Essays in Sociological Explanation Quid Pro, LLC A collection of several articles exploring timeless issues of sociological theory and research.

First published inand widely referenced and adopted since. Review by. Sociology and the other social sciences -- 2. The optimum scope of sociology -- 3. The methodology of comparative analysis of economic activity -- 4. Sociology history: The. Essays in Sociological Explanation Neil J.

Smelser Collection of essays on sociology, causation, and pragmatic considerations by one of 4/5(1). This essay grew from a session I chaired on The Uses of Sociology by the Other Social Sciences at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association in Washington in At that session I was greatly stimulated by the ideas presented in papers by Asa Briggs, Alfred H.

Conrad, and Daniel J. Levinson. Essays in Sociological Explanation [Neil J.


Smelser] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ESSAYS IN SOCIOLOGICAL EXPLANATION is a collection of several of Dr. Smelser's recognized and often-cited articles exploring timeless issues of sociological theory and research. First published in by .

Smelser essays in sociological explanation
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