Location planning and analysis essay

The locations of the four suppliers, A, B, C, and D, and the annual number of trailer loads that will be transported to the distribution center are shown in the following figure: This method assumes the following: There are several ways that are very helpful in evaluating location alternatives, such as locational cost-profit-volume analysis, factor rating, and the center of gravity method.

First, a company must determine the driving factors that will influence which areas are suitable locations. Multiple Plant Manufacturing Strategies page -When comapnies have several manufacturing facilities t here are several different ways for a company to organize their operations.

According to the book, Operations Management: No single location may be better than the others so organizations should identify several locations from which to choose from. They include facilities for education, shopping, recreation and transportation among many others.

From a business standpoint these factors include utilities, taxes, and environmental regulation. Only one product is involved. However, it should be kept in mind that these coordinates are based on straight-line distances, and in a real situation actual roads might follow more circuitous routes.

Is the community safe? All of these depend on the needs of the organization. There would be competitive advantage as well. As stated by Stevenson and ChuongNo single location may be better than others.

The location factor rating mathematically evaluates location factors, such as those identified in the previous section. Variable costs are linear for the range of probable output. Each strategy carries certain amount of cost and managerial implications. They want to use these ratings to compare the locations.

Location decision is closely tied to the strategies of an organization. First is that they may be a change in their marketing strategy. The three most important reasons for a firm to locate in a particular region includes raw materials, perishability, and transportation cost.

This arrangement is desirable when an organization is suffering from high shipping costs.

Location Planning

Profit maximizing firms locate near markets that they want to serve as part of their competitive strategy. Having multiple facilities, organizations can organize their operations in several ways.

This often depends on what business the firm is in. The company wants to construct a new central distribution center to process and package the ingredients before shipping them to their various restaurants.

In this method, a single set of location coordinates is not identified.

The suppliers transport ingredient items in foot truck trailers, each with a capacity of 38, pounds. If so, the firm must consider whether or not location is suitable for expansion. A pizza delivery service. Is it appropriate for the nature of the business?

Primary regional factors involve location of raw materials, location of markets and labor factors. Location can either lead to success or failure of the business.

The value Wi is the annual weight shipped from that location. Excel OM also has modules for location factor ratings and the center-of-gravity technique. In a process plant strategy, different plants focus on different aspects of the product.

After looking at pro and cons of the different countries and deciding on a country, then decision makers will identify a region within the country. Decisions typically will not be made based solely on these ratings, but they provide a good way to organize and rank factors.

Another important things are the climate and taxes in that region. For example, the weighted score for "labor pool and climate" for site 1 is The weighted scores for each factor for each site and the total scores are summarized as follows: For a single potential location, a load-distance value is computed as follows: Alternatively, determine which location will have the highest profit.

The starting point for this method is a grid map set up on a Cartesian plane, as shown in Figure 9.LOCATION PLANNING AND ANALYSIS:MANAGING GLOBAL OPERATIONS, Regional Factors Production Operations Management Business Management.

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Location Planning and Analysis 1. Location PlanningOperations Management (11th Edition) William J. Stevenson 2.

Location Planning and Analysis Essay

NATURE OF LOCATION DECISION. Location Planning Basically, location is where the business situated at. According to the book, Operations Management: An Asian Perspective, by William Stevenson and Sum Chee Choung (), Location decisions for many types of organizations are not are frequently, but location decisions tend to have a significant impact on the organization.

Location planning and analysis Location decisions: the first location of the retail shop of the company was established Loss Angeles and the second retail shop was positioned in the Menlo park. These localities were essentially significant. Location Planning and Analysis.

BIG PICTURE. The Complexity of Location Planning. The business expansion plan set up for proper location planning needs to combine different catchment models and socio-demographic, economic, and customer segmentation data from various sources.

The number, complexity, and the need for .

Location planning and analysis essay
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