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Who is your favorite teacher Keyboarding assignments high school and what do they teach? A suitable logo is chosen before the launching of the business in the market.

Research information from the Internet to include facts about their birthday, birthplace, why they are important and other interesting facts.

I expect you to do the same in participating in the educational experience. Include your name and the URL of all your sources. Once a logo design is created it can be registered and copyrighted for the business it represents.

Follow format directions below. Extreme cases may be reported directly to the Vice President for Learning and Student Development for disciplinary action. Write what you know about a former president, musician, artist, inventor, an astronaut — anyone who you think has led an interesting life.

Do you have any phobias? These violations may also be reported to the Dean of Career and Technical Programs. This course is designed to support diversity of learners. If you could change something about the world, what would it be and why? Due to the possibility of extended class discussions or other scheduling conflicts, this schedule may be modified during the semester.

You will now continue the story as you see fit. Place in the hand-in folder Save your document as "biography-name of person you feature - your name.

Make sure these devices are set to vibrate, silent or turned off. There are also many types of logo design software. After each round, you must get up and move in a clockwise direction to the next computer. What kid were you in middle school?

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Class will also start promptly at 6: Logo design helps in attracting potential customers to the business. Texting will not be tolerated during class hours.


Academic Dishonesty — It is the responsibility of each student to respect the academic integrity of each class by doing their own work and refusing to assist others in deception. How would you describe yourself if you could only use five words?

If you want to discuss your learning experience, please talk to me as early in the term as possible. Withdrawals — Effective Summerstudents will have the ability to initiate a withdrawal from classes.

You will need to invent an imaginary company of your choosing. If I catch anyone being disruptive, I will warn you first. This is the only address the college or your instructors will use. Inappropriate behavior is defined as any behavior that: Write as much and as fast as you can in your 5 minute block of time.

It is highly recommended that students meet with their instructor or with a counselor before withdrawing from a class to discuss if a withdrawal is the best course of action for that particular student.

Beginning paragraph background information Middle paragraph why and how they became famous Ending paragraph why you chose this person and what they are doing now Use proper grammar and spelling.

Students should be in the classroom and seated prior to that time. You will read what the other people have written and continue the story in whatever way you see fit. I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior during the class period.

Wednesday - April 27 Working on a business letter with heading and logo. The disadvantage of using this software is that they might produce similar types of design for different businesses. Failure to attend class will result in your inability to be prepared. Subsequent behavior will result in my asking you to leave the classroom.

A few minutes can be excused, however more than a few minutes is not showing respect for your fellow students. The key to a good logo design is simple color patterns and innovative ways to deliver the product to the customers.Keyboarding Numeric Keyboarding Assignments I use these assignments as reinforcement when learning the numeric keypad.

These are Excel files with protected areas so the students can't accidentally erase the formula. SAM Keyboarding Assignments Changing Sections. To access other Assignments in different sections, simply change the section by following the procedure below.

Typing Games; Second Quarter Production Assignments; Digital Literacy (Ignition) link; Home Key Practice. practice the e and h. practice the r and i. practice the o and t. practice the n and g. practice left shift and period. practice the u and c.

practice the w and right shift. Attendance; Bell Schedules and Forms; Black & Gold Calendar; Bullying and Harassment; COPPA Compliance; Dress Code; Middle School Handbook; MMS Newsletter; Nurse News.

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Assignment: Key a personal business letter of complaint to a company that you have been displeased with in the past. Make sure you keep your vocabulary "business professional" and you follow the precise format outlined in your textbook on page St. Charles Parish Public Schools adheres to the equal opportunity provisions of federal and civil rights laws.

It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability or religion.

Keyboarding assignments
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