Item sythesis list

The topmost jewel is the largest, the two on the sides are both between the other two in size, and the lowest one is the smallest.

For example a sword as an input item would make it possible to get a result from the sword list. In addition, the most powerful Rings in the game offered via synthesis Item sythesis list only offered after the game is completed.

Wait until Ragnorak appears as a command and cast Stopga on the Pink Agaricus and then get up close to it and Item sythesis list Ragnorak. List V - Make twenty four unique items. This page lists possible results when using the Synthesis skill. Twenty-five items are available for creation, and can be made as many times as desired as long as the required Item sythesis list are available; Ultima Weapon is the only exception as it can be synthesized only once regardless of the availability of the required materials.

A Modifier Gem is represented by a smooth, vaguely triangular jewel with a short spike on its top. List II - Make four unique items. Each item available for synthesis in the game is assigned a rank, which tells roughly how powerful the item being created is and how common the materials required to make it are.

Most notably, this involves a special class of bonus items a Moogle can use in item creation: The tenth and final new heartless is kind of a tricky one to deal with!

The technique here is to cast Stopga Stop and Stopra will not be keep it Stopped long enough to get enough hits in and have Aeroga casted on yourself Aeroga delivers hits to enemies when you are close to them and using Ragnorak to deal the most hits possible.

List II - Make four unique items. Synthesis upgrades by Rank[ edit ] Novice - Occurs on Day Items that cannot be equipped are not eligible for resynthing.

List of Synthesis Materials

Most notably, this involves a special class of bonus items a Moogle can use in item creation: Tech materials are represented by dark blue panels, each adorned with a different symbol. New lists of potential items are unlocked by synthesizing a certain number of items from the available options.

Rookie - Occurs on Day Occasionally, other Organization XIII members hanging around the Grey Area will ask Roxas to use synthesis to create items for them, sometimes even giving him the ingredients.

As Roxas completes the various Missions given to him throughout the game, he moves up in Rank. Kingdom Hearts II has synthesis available nearly from the beginning of the game; usually as soon as Sora and his party come across the first Moogle shop in Hollow Bastionthe qualification of collecting five unique materials to open synthesis has been met through gameplay.

Cast Aeroga and then recoup your MP with Bambi again. Having five types of materials will open Free Development and synthesis, while gaining 20 types of items unlocks more items on that list.

All Gears can now be synthesized. Rank C items are the lowest in quality and require the simplest and most common materials, while Rank S items use rarer items and are much more powerful. Rookie - Occurs on Day List III - Make ten unique items. Rank A - Grants between 15 to 29 points per item.

Level 3 Junior Moogle - Serenity Materials can be used. In order to create a PanelRoxas must have all the ingredients required, as well as enough Munny to pay the Moogle to make it for him.

See Synthesis Fixed Recipes List for items made from fixed recipes.

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Rank S - Grants between 49 to points per item. Completing these tasks results in small bonus prizes for Roxas, usually rare synthesis materials, but is entirely optional.The following items were added to Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix.

New recipes become unlocked upon either defeating an Absent Silhouette or solving the third puzzle in the Puzzle mini-game. Only one item was added to Free Development.

Sep 18,  · For Kingdom Hearts HD ReMIX on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Item Synthesis Guide".Operating System: PS3. When using Synthesis to make a random item, the resulting item depends on two major factors. The type of items used as input. If none of the input items match any reward list, the game will use the "Misc." items list.

If one or more input items matches one of the result categories, then it's possible to get a reward from that list. Item Synthesis The workshop can only be accessed after getting access to the Green Trinity, kupo. You must use Green Trinity #4 in the Accessory Shop to bring down the ladder.

Mar 20,  · The original Kingdom Hearts featured an item synthesis feature which could be accessed in the upper level of Traverse Town's Accessory Shop after Sora gains the ability to utilize Green Trinity marks. Kingdom Hearts - Synthesis Guide A gameplay guide by ATRS_ • Published 21st March • Updated 30th March A complete guide to finding every material needed for Synthesis in Kingdom Hearts, which is necessary for obtaining the Synthesis Master trophy.

Item sythesis list
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