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This assessment task will allow the student to explore these quality assurance processes and to gain an understanding of the importance of their role as a Registered Nurse in regard to patient safety.

A father and grandfather from a large family. He did not seek medical assistance at that time. The nurses noted that John felt cold. At hrs John was pronounced dead. He then subsequently arrested a third time and was pronounced deceased at hrs.

Rationale A Registered Nurse is expected to be able to reflect on and analyse their clinical practice and to be aware of the Essay clinical governance in which they function.

Clinical Governance

No further observations were recorded until hrs. On presentation at the ED he was triaged as a Category 2 at hrs by nursing and medical staff. The literature discussed needs to be of a high quality and be current. At hrs CPR was recommenced when John went in to the second cardiac arrest which lasted for 20 minutes.

Evidence-based recommendations are made, which if implemented correctly would prevent the same incident from occurring again. The predisposing factors are explored in regards to why they existed and how they lead to the incident.

Oxygen was provided via a non-rebreather NRB facemask, there was no notation as to what the oxygen flow rate was. At hrs John had a seizure, no pulse was found and CPR commenced. A carotid pulse was detected at hrs and CPR ceased at that time.

He was well respected in his community. At hrs Endone 5mg orally was given to John for the pain in his leg. Any relationships between the factors is also explained.

He had full time employment as a shift worker. A CT scan was ordered which identified fractured ribs 5 th and 9tha fractured nose and a small pneumothorax in the left lung. The NMBA competencies should be discussed in relation to professional best practice with two 2 relevant competencies being explored further.

At this time the decision was made to intubate John.

Leadership and clinical governance in nursing - Essay Example

This was recorded on the fluid balance chart, the nurses noted that the patient had not yet voided. Both of these documents were compiled separately on loose paper until the nurse placed them together some time later as is the common practice.

At hrs the nursing notes document that John was coughing up brown type liquid and that he sounded more congested in upper respiratory tract. At hrs a third litre of Normal Saline was commenced to run over 4 hours and a further dose of IV Fentanyl was given at hrs for pain.

A short introduction including what the report is about followed by a brief background to the critical incident. During the course of events this was changed to oxygen being delivered by nasal prongs at a high flow rate, there was no notation of when this occurred.

The doctor reviewed the results at hrs and states that he did not notice the low level white cell count WCC of 0. John presented to a large metropolitan hospital at hrs on the 2nd February By hrs John had the first of 3 cardiac arrests.

At hrs the medical staff handover occurred. Case study John aged 44 presented to the Emergency Department at a large metropolitan hospital on the early hours of Wednesday morning at hrs. For the purpose of this assessment task, all names of people involved have been de identified or an alias has been used.Free Essay: Critically analyse how clinical governance can ensure accountability of individuals and teams and that nursing practice is safe and of a high.

Information Governance Information governance is defined as the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to ensure appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. Discuss how clinical governance has been used to develop quality of podiatric services for diabetic patients in the UK.

Clinical governance sits at the heart of the government's quality agenda for the NHS and, indeed, the wider health care arena.

Clinical Governance Report. ssessment 2-Clinical Governance Report A Registered Nurse is expected to be able to reflect on and analyse their clinical practice and to be aware of the systems in which they function.

It is important to be aware of and involved in quality improvement processes. Help With Essay Writing; Why Nursing Term Papers!

Clinical Governance Concepts and Uses Essay Clinical Governance Concepts and Uses Clinical governance is defined by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards as the system by which the management and clinicians share responsibility and accountability for provision and quality of patient care, creation of a patient-safe environment and for.

The essay concludes with how the change in our organization could have been managed better through Clinical Governance. 16 Pages ( words) Essay Clinical Governance is an umbrella term covering a wide range of quality.

Essay clinical governance
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