Cyber security in the supply chain

He has also co-authored numerous security publications for the embedded device security market, and frequently presents on cyber security issues. Recognized as an international leader on cyber security, Mr. The firm is widely respected for its engagements in the field and recently studied supply chain security risks in what the U.

This has started a ripple effect from these major suppliers, also referred to as Tier 1 suppliers, to their Tier 2 and subsequent suppliers. From a supply chain perspective, the IEC standard security program requirements for service providers of industrial automation and control system is particularly promising.

Malware that is inserted into software or hardware by various means Vulnerabilities in software applications and networks within the supply chain that are discovered by malicious hackers Counterfeit computer hardware Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative Defense Procurement Regulations: Kube is a recognized subject matter expert in embedded device protection for high-availability process automation, medical and healthcare industries.

These certifications — with regular re-certifications — and emerging standards are helping to increase confidence in the ability to reduce cyber security risks. This reflects the apparent desire for national autonomy, reducing dependence on foreign suppliers.

A number of large utilities and oil and gas companies are now requiring key suppliers to become APC certified in order to increase their security posture, including their supply chains.

Russia has had non-disclosed functionality certification requirements for several years and has recently initiated the National Software Platform effort based on open-source software.

Deriving from goals in the 11th Five Year Plan —China introduced and pursued a mix of security-focused and aggressive Indigenous Innovation policies.

Examples of supply chain cyber security threats[ edit ] Network or computer hardware that is delivered with malware installed on it already. Previous Columns by Nate Kube: White House lays out for the first time the U. Kube has created an extensive Intellectual Property portfolio and has filed numerous authored patents in formal test methods and critical systems protection.

Cyber Security Risks in Industrial Supply Chains By Nate Kube on June 01, Tweet Manufacturing supply chains are vital to the development and fulfillment of any modern technology—they change rapidly as sectors overlap, products evolve, and global locations of suppliers change.

Supply chain cyber security risks Strategic consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton first coined the term Supply Chain Management in the s.

Rather than targeting specific products for exclusion, it is considering Indigenous Innovation policies, giving preferences to domestic ITC suppliers in order to create a robust, globally competitive national presence in the sector. The Shamoon virus attack, which affected 30, workstations at one oil producer inhighlighted how risk in the supply chain of a system can lead to significant exposure.

This has helped significantly for product recalls, identification of tampered or counterfeit components, and in projecting potential problems along the supply spectrum.

This dynamic nature of the supply chain exposes enterprises to a wide variety of risks. China is requiring an indigenous innovation product catalog be used for its government procurement and implementing a Multi-level Protection Scheme MLPS which requires among other things product developers and manufacturers to be Chinese citizens or legal persons, and product core technology and key components must have independent Chinese or indigenous intellectual property rights.

Given the challenges facing the supply chain, following standards such as IEC will help vendors along with their suppliers be better equipped to protect critical manufacturing and infrastructure assets. Homeland Security has also highlighted the importance of risk management for the "critical infrastructure" — which it defines as "the power we use in our homes, the water we drink, the transportation that moves us, and the communication systems we rely on to stay in touch with friends and family.

More recently, industrial control vendors and their customers have been bringing similar discipline to cyber security in their supply chains.

The strategy outlines three main themes: She worries, especially as supply chains become more global, about intentional insertion of malicious functionality, including backdoors, viruses and extra, unrequested features, counterfeit electronics, and software code quality and their impact on cyber security, as her graph below summarizes source.

The pioneering work for this standard came from the WIB, a group of end users founded in in the Netherlands to explore manufacturing challenges at large energy and chemical companies like Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Dow. The emergence of standards The good news: Department of Homeland Security calls the "critical manufacturing" sector.It is a subset of supply chain security and is focused on the management of cyber security requirements for information technology systems, software and networks, which are driven by threats such as cyber-terrorism, malware, data theft and the advanced persistent threat (APT).

Supply chain cyber security

Jun 23,  · Forbes Editors' Picks Forbes Insights: AI Cybersecurity And Supply Chain Management. According to the cyber-security firm NowSecure. Cyber security supply chain risk management (C-SCRM) is an important aspect of resilient and reliable Bulk Electric System operations.

As cyber security supply chain risk evolves, many entities are facing challenges associated with managing this risk. The NATF developed and published this document to describe best and. NQC technology identifies and manages cyber threat and information assurance vulnerability, down the supply chain.

Increase cyber resilience and automate supply chain risk analysis and response. Cybersecurity In The Digital Supply Chain: Managing Third-Party Risk Through Verified Trust to gain even more insight on what business leaders have to say about digitizing the supply chain.

Risk, Risk Management, Digital Strategy, Data Breach, Cyber Security, Extended Supply Chain, Security Breach, Cyber Security Premium. Related. Threat detection service providers assist in identifying better-fit solutions for the supply chain to make sure not only internally but across their supply chain ‘members’ are following best practices in cyber security.

Cyber security in the supply chain
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