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Conclusion on smartphone they perform informative, interactive and entertaining functions, assist users during work planning, tasks fulfilling and travelling owing to thousands of apps that can be easily customized.

However, experts also warn of the various dangers people can face using smartphones. First of all, a large college has a big campus. Wall Street Journal — Eastern Edition. Maps and Navigation The graph display on the right shows the results of a survey conducted by The Nielsen Company on what kinds of apps people use most frequently.

People will become more tolerant of disrespectful behavior, such as openly using phones in the movies, restaurants, school, and work places.

The negative impact of smartphones on children is especially disturbing.

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It is something that the average person does not leave his or her home without. Smartphones also have several factors of Conclusion on smartphone that we should not overlook like the ease of use factor, availability of applications, and the display quality of smartphones, not to mention other factor such as trend, age group, allowance and so on.

Social mobility becomes easier People, especially younger generations, will watch less TV but also read fewer books. Meanwhile, Conclusion on smartphone person who is easily distracted may find the smartphone is interrupting their work time, their study time, and even time spent in personal relationships.

A world of unintended consequence: Single-function gadgets, especially those lacking an Internet connection, will become obsolete. This threatens creative freedom and fosters conformity. What do People Want from their Smartphones? There are a lot of benefits to using social media. Edwards, Cliff, Evolution of Touch: The assumption will be that we are always reachable by a quick email, text, or call.

The use of smartphones with an interactive display affects mental abilities of children negatively. Structuring the Smartphone Industry: To fight the smartphone urge, couples are now designating "technology-free" times just so they can make time for face-to-face conversation.

Major Service agencies are centralised in the city to satisfy various interests of the people such as work, education, recreation and politics. Among disadvantages that are valid for people of all ages are sleep disturbance, deterioration of posture and sight, decreased coordination, quickness and acumen.

But as a rule they are not aware of the smartphones impact on social, physical and emotional development of their children. It is very successful and has a well established staff with very little turnover. Smartphones are a great learning tool for college students - but only when used appropriately.

Apps give Smartphones an extra edge that ordinary phones do no have. Personal Computing Industry Center. By looking into the attributes and features of smartphones, the consumers will make a wise choice to fulfil their desires.

For example, when the students look up for a new word or expression from hard copy handouts by the lecturer, most of them prefer to use their dictionary in their smartphones to search for the meaning of the word rather than searching in the thick dictionary which is heavy.

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According to Sarmientothe excited students said mobile device helped them to learn math and science better. Furthermore, we also will improve our surveying skills so that our respondents could have a deeper understanding of our survey.

Conclusion on Smartphone Essay

The smartphone perception varies, and therefore this relatively new technology is received and interpreted in many different ways, by many different people. University of California, Davis. On the other hand, the readers should prioritize the attributes and features of smartphones so that they will not make a wrong decision in purchasing their smartphones.

Furthermore, we can conclude that smartphone have elastic demand. This is because our results have no significant value due to the limited number and groups of respondents.Smartphones elow is a free essay on "Smartphones" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In our generation, almost everyone has a phone or at least a smartphone because they have become more and more popular among teens as they are getting cheaper in the market. In a nutshell, smartphones industry has a market structure of oligopoly. Smartphones also have several factors of demand that we should not overlook like the ease of use factor, availability of applications, and the display quality of smartphones, not to mention other factor such as trend, age group, allowance and so on.

Furthermore, we can. Smartphones overall are a helpful invention. They allow users to access the web and document information easily. Apps on the phone allow the user to do many things in the palm of their hands.

Contents Introduction 4 Literature review 5 Methodology 7 Findings 8 Conclusion 9 Recommendation 10 Appendices 10 Bibliography 14 Introduction 1- Background The history of this issue is the rise in use of new technology such as a Smartphone as a way of for communication and using many programs.

Dec 20,  · The Smartphone is a tremendous technology that has transformed our world in a variety of different ways.

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In has exploded onto the mainstream market and has become a part of popular culture. It has revolutionized the motions of communication between people and allowed instant access to information in the palm of our hands.

To. Introduction Today people of the world have a new addiction. This new addiction is known as the smartphone. The smartphones of today have so many.

Conclusion on smartphone
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