An overview of the affirmative action being wrong for todays society

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Lyndon Johnson later issued his own Executive Order requiring contractors to raise their number of minority workers. But as time went by, despite the original good intention, the affirmative action policy turned into an ugly beast. This finding that Blacks and Latinos are especially vulnerable in times of economic recession has been consistently documented.

Admission polices that do not consider race are predicted to decrease representation of students of color at the most selective four-year institutions by 10 percent. Strict racial quotas were unconstitutional, the court said — affirmative action was not. University of California lawsuit], and scores of lawsuits later, the question remains unanswered.

With a firm belief in freedom of expression and without prejudice, FMT tries its best to share reliable content from third parties. This commentary was first published in Sin Chew Daily. Clearly, even if the data says it works, a morally wrong action is still wrong.

If I want to buy a property, I have the option of going for the discounted Bumiputera lots. Given that our future workforce is projected to be nearly half people of color, it is necessary that universities create a fair process for expanding opportunities to all students.

My great great great grandfather fought in the civil war to free slaves.

The issues and controversies surrounding affirmative action are not going to be resolved any time soon and perhaps not even in my lifetime.

A study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law found that after using a class-based admission system, enrollment of African Americans and American Indians fell by more than 70 percent.

As many sociologists argue, once you control for all these variables that might affect differences in pay, the only thing left to explain such disparities and pay inequalities is racismpure and simple.

Here are 10 reasons why diversity on college campuses is crucial for all students. I believe the affirmative action that was introduced by Tun Razak has evolved into something that even he himself would not recognise today. Fortune companies agree that diversity is good for the bottom line.

10 Reasons Affirmative Action STILL Matters Today

Does protecting minorities discriminate against the majority? Learning with people from a variety of backgrounds encourages collaboration and fosters innovation, thereby benefitting all students. Twenty years later, a more conservative court declared that public school systems cannot try to achieve or maintain integration based on explicit race rules.

But I am comfortable. How is that fair. Things will only become worse if a non-Malay were to champion this issue. No matter what data you present, what is morally wrong is still wrong.Despite — or perhaps because of — Barack Obama’s election as President, affirmative action remains one of the most controversial and divisive issues in American society today.

The U.S.

Affirmative action is wrong

Supreme Court will shortly rule on two cases regarding affirmative action. Fisher v. University of Texas concerns Abigail Fisher, a white woman who claims that her rejection from the. Colleges use a system of points that is called affirmative action affirmative action is wrong.

American is telling the world that to be accepted in society. Affirmative Action Is the Wrong Action The United States of America has long been a country divided by race.

Hate has pervaded her existence since her conception, and now today’s society is. Feb 27,  · Affirmative Action: Is It Still Necessary?

Affirmative action is morally wrong

I think that if you look at our society, being subject to affirmative action, me getting into the. As long as ethnic-based affirmative action remains, we will continue to be a society operating in a downward spiral of Affirmative action is morally wrong.

An overview of the affirmative action being wrong for todays society
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