An introduction to the analysis of equus

A Horseman emerges onstage and gallops across the imaginary beach. In fact, my boyfriend claimed it rivaled the recent Broadway revival, featuring Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe.

A research agenda for DSM-V. Dora likes the showiness of horseback riding, Alan says—the bowler hats and jodhpurs—but Alan feels that to treat riding as a straight-laced, upper-class sport is despicable.

Despite various levels of stage experience, actors performed their roles with both skill and resonance. For example, there is no such thing as asymptomatic generalized anxiety disorder. They have become happy slaves.

Then Frank saw Alan standing in front of the photograph of the horse.

In fact, to discover a brain disease underlying all instances of, say, Panic Disorder would serve to discover a medical disorder, not validate a mental one. Oddly, however, Alan never rode the horses, though Mr.

While most child molesters are probably quite passionate about children, I cannot say I would ever be jealous of such passion, even if I could somehow tease apart the feeling from the source.

Equus Summary

But the fact that he sings advertising jingles introduces television and consumer culture as powerful forces that pervade society and hide deeper feeling, from both others and ourselves. When Alan was seventeen, he met a young woman named Jill Mason at his job, and found out that she worked at a local stable.

It is also, of course, a simulation of riding a horse. This allows the action of the play to unfold in fluid fashion. Hesther proceeds to tell Dysart that Alan Strang, age 17, blinded six horses with a hoof-pick one night in a stable where he worked on weekends.

It is also the dead stare in a million adults. I have talked away terrors and relieved many agonies. Satisfied with their first meeting, Dysart asks the Nurse to take Alan to a private bedroom in the hospital.

He returns to his bench on the right side of the circle. She reveals that this photograph actually took the place of a different image, a picture of Christ being tortured by Roman centurions—Our Lord on his Way to Cavalry.In Equus, Alan Strang, a year old stable boy, has gouged the eyes of six horses under his care.

Thanks to a well-intended, but misguided, court magistrate, Strang is spared from prison and instead committed to a psychiatric hospital, an often worse fate. The introduction of the hoof-pick in this scene is an important moment of foreshadowing. Note how for Dalton and Jill the horses are animals to be cared for, but for Alan they are more than that, they are beings to be worshipped.

Equus opened in London in and transferred to Broadway inwhere it received the Tony Award for Best Play. The Royal Hunt of the Sun and Amadeus are Mr. Shaffer’s other epics. Amadeus won a Tony for Best Play and the film version took home the Oscar for Best Picture in Mr.

Introduction to Equus Equus was something of a controversial play. In both of its major productions, it received primarily favorable reviews, but many found the violence and explicit content gratuitous.

Equus Analysis

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You can view samples of our professional work here. Equus study guide contains a biography of Peter Shaffer, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About Equus Equus Summary.

An introduction to the analysis of equus
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