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I made mistake of not taking tests in 1st attempt. Sci or Sociology or anthropology because of Public Administration is giving only two digit scores in each paper. So, kindly provide wisdom for younger aspirants. It was good for me — especially this times gs4 which had reduced spaces — so I could finish the paper on time.

Opt-P2 Left one 10 marker Q. Talk to your senior colleagues at work about your organization. D During the interview Q1.

Where do you stand on this? It boils down to Alleleopathy essay Alleleopathy essay opportunites and threats, how we utilize the opportunities, reduce the threats my answer was on these lines, may not have been an easy flow like it appears here M4 — So how do we tackle these Me — Sir, first and most important is education and awareness.

In medicine there is no specialisation in Graduation Me — but sir we do learn basics of all branches in first year, then we move on to specialization Alleleopathy essay our branch.

Take a couple or maximum 3 mocks in a decent place close by which is free Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, HyderabadTrivandrum etc — Alleleopathy essay have insitutes which conduct free mocks My second mock helped me to take current affairs more seriously, and the first and third ensured my confidence.

Outside funding may give much needed capital backing, and also bring in expertise of experienced investors who know market, does not always scuttle innovations. I also told how Motorla regained its space after being acquired by Google, when it stormed back into market with Moto G especially in India.

Official interview was much better than all of my mocks. Me — sir do u mean in education, in the schools? Quite a lot needed, canot rely on books alone. Also I would that my experience at NABARD has given me taste of public sector, and shown how much more potential for work is there by getting into civil services.

Did you attend any mock interviews by coaching classes? I am mentioning specifically because I had numerous doubts on how to dress for interview, and mostly online we find answers pertaining to men only K: I consider myself lucky in fact because pub ad has scored decently this mains, and I had pretty decent scorewhich has ensured my name in rank list.

Except for this year, previous years, even the highest was only near average of many other optional. I talked to people who were having similar hobbies, background etc. Even in manufacturing before so many wud produce some quantity, now very less human power needed?

I also have short headings based on question — for instance if question had 3 sub partsmy answer to was divided accordingly. What was your approach in the exam I wrote all, I only focused on the questions where I could answer perfectly, I just not to high quality points to reach the word limit etc.

Analyzing current affairs from public administration point of view is very important. For instance 2 days back we saw the Wanna Cry attack. What is keeping u busy these days Me — told about working in nabard Ch — How long.

Me — was excitedas I wanted to speak on pros cons of going to direct lending, was prepared for follow up questions etc started to tell about whom nabard does direct lending. Describe the Alleleopathy essay worn by you in interview. While more freedom in crowd funding or bootstrap self funding there are limitations in terms of outreach etc M3 — So in case u do not get into services, consider u want to do a startup, what are the key things u wud look at?

I would not advice either. Me — spoke on lack of doctors, absentism, infra problems, apathy etc I also told about how free supplies from government were diverted in my village, and also sold as fertilizers!

In fact, I too feel optional marks are a game changer and there is huge variance in marks. In which format- electronic or paper? My friend part of our study group made several sticky nots on Pub Ad which we revised multiple times and helped us to remember things.

Mocks help in letting you know how others perceive your DAF and gives you pointers on directing your preparation. Ansari sir tried covering most of the topic in test series.

I went to Delhi two days before my interview. Shri Chattar Singh Q2.

First, the problem with pub ad is there are just too many with the optional and its difficult to stand out, and get the highest marks. Do you believe it is necessary to attend such mock interviews? Around 40 minutes Q3. Converse with people whenever you get a chance."I am very lazy to make notes – so I just underline in the books I read.

But anything I read online, I condense into evernote", says Aparna who secured.

Alleleopathy essay
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