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The first involves amending the tax penalty provisions of the ACA to increase the incentive for the uninsured to purchase health insurance. There is essentially no mechanism to enforce payment of an assessed tax penalty under the ACA Erb, Either paying patients pay for those who refuse to pay through high prices for medical services or they pay through tax dollars.

In fact, throughout some parts of the country the higher level plans have actually been permitted to increase premiums by double digit percentages for Armour, Another provision of the ACA provides for programs that should reduce Affordable care act essay acquired illnesses and infections and reduce readmission rates.

Parents whose plans were already in place before March 23rd, were able to enter their young adult children into their plans, if those children were not eligible for their own employer-sponsored plan.

This result would all but ensure a premium spiral. Such a scenario repeated on a large scale would flood insurance pools with unhealthy consumers, guaranteeing a premium spiral. American Public Health Association. Further, the reinsurance program is not functioning as predicted.

Currently, subsidies are based on the difference between the Affordable care act essay percentage of income a person is expected to spend on Affordable care act essay insurance the premium for an ACA Silver Plan Monahan, According to the global professional point of view the Affordable Care Act is going to create more problems than it solves.

These middle-income families have no nudge whatsoever to purchase health insurance. Insurance companies then must seek premium increases to combat monetary losses caused by paying out more in health care expenses than they are taking in in premium. To start, Massachusetts is able to reduce the size of the middle-income affordability gap by using a sliding income scale as determined by an independent governmental agency to determine affordability.

Do people really work more efficiently when you reduce their pay? One of the largest changes to healthcare through the ACA is that everyone must have insurance. Health Affairs, 30 11 Health affairs Project Hope31 8 The health care handbook: Registration entails a simple sign up procedure, which is either done through a health insurance marketplace, a broker or a direct provider.

The Affordable Care Act: About this resource This Law essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. In order to reverse the trend of rising premiums, particularly for the higher level plans, and keep viable choice and competition alive in the exchanges, a higher percentage of eligible consumers simply must purchase health insurance.

Obamacare works by providing cost subsidies to moderate income earners and small businesses through taxing health care benefactors and high income earners. However, healthy people must be convinced that the benefit of maintaining health insurance is worth the difference between the amount of the ACA tax penalty for non-compliance and the premium for minimum coverage Monahan, On subsidies and mandates: The only downside of their systems is that the wait lists for surgeries can be long and dental care is not always the best.

As the statistics demonstrate, far too many people are making the choice that paying the ACA tax penalty is a better decision than paying for health insurance they do not believe that they will need.

Amend the Provisions of the ACA dealing with the Tax Penalty One possible solution to the problem of rising health insurance premiums and insufficient numbers of healthy individuals signing up for health insurance is to amend the provisions of the ACA dealing with the tax penalty in order to provide a stronger incentive for the uninsured to purchase health insurance.

This in turn means more taxpayer dollars are needed and will be spent Hayes. The Affordable Care Act at 5 Years.

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There are many different views of the ACA: Home Custom writing services Though we would love to write your essays, research and term papers for you for a fee, we will never answer requests and inquiries concerning custom writing.The Affordable care act has nine titles which help in addressing the reform quality, affordable health care for all Americans, the role of public programs, improving the quality and efficiency of health care, prevention of chronic disease and improving public health, health care workforce, transparency and program integrity, improving access to.

The Affordable Care Act was designed by President Obama to help reform the health care system. The affordable care act will implement measures that will lower health care costs and improve system efficiency, and to eliminate industry practices that include denial of coverage due to pre-existing /5(4).

Expert essay writing help and assistance. The Affordable Care Act In the United States, The Affordable Care Act is a health care decree established by the federal government (it is commonly referred to as Obamacare).


The Affordable Care Act

Aug 06,  · The new healthcare bill in the United States, called the Affordable Care Act, has changed American healthcare for the worse. There are three main groups besides politicians and the public who are most affected by this bill.

Consequently, on March 23,the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law - ) was enacted as America's new healthcare reform law.

The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the importance of the Affordable Care Act's New Rules on.

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Affordable care act essay
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